Since its establishment, MIVICE has been committed to quality management, with customer as the core concept and goal of quality development. Continuously strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, enhance the company's quality assurance capabilities, and implement quality management profoundly throughout. 


Our Quality Policy

        100% strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system

    Interpretation: Carry out work in strict accordance with system requirements, realize compliance and effectiveness of system implementation; Strictly adhere and understand the quality requirements of the system, and continuously implement improvements; Produce products that satisfy customers and achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

Our Quality Control
       Perform product scope definition, structural analysis, functional analysis, failure analysis, risk analysis, improvement, optimization, and documentation processes according to FMEA standards. Use FMEA as a basic control tool, risk analysis tool and management tool for design control, production planning, production control, sub-contractor selection and supplier quality assurance, risk analysis, recall product evaluation, customer usage, Instructions and warning labels, product service and warranty, engineering changes, differences in manufacturing processes, etc., and find countermeasures to avoid and reduce these potential failures. The measures that have been taken ensured our products to meet the 6Sigma standard, and have superior performance, consistency and reliability. 

        We carry out quality management throughout the entire process from incoming materials to finished product shipment and after-sales:
Incoming materials: establish a complete qualified supplier management catalog, and conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of suppliers to ensure the quality of production materials; formulate a complete incoming material inspection process and specifications to ensure that all incoming materials are subject to standard inspection; strictly implement GB/T 2828.1-2012 count sampling inspection plan to ensure the quality of production materials.
Process: Strict implementation of 6S management, product production standardization, index parameterization, and equipment precision; formulate production process documents, complete special process equipments, implement foolproof correction, clarify process work standards and quality control stadards; train staff on process skills and product knowledge, conduct self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection, patrol inspection and completion inspection during the operation, implement all staff, full-process quality control.
Shipment: Equipped with professional and effective testing equipment and professionals, formulate finished product inspection specifications, clarify the testing items and requirements, and ensure the product qualification rate and product quality reliability.

Our Testing Equipment
    Establish, implement and maintain laboratory management based on ISO/IEC 17025 and other laboratory accreditation standards to meet the needs of quality assurance in the production process. We use special testing equipment to provide control of the shape and position tolerances of components, improve the assembly accuracy of the whole product; we have a special gear measuring instrument to ensure the accuracy level of the gear parts, guarantee the smooth and low noise of the whole product. We have built a motor performance test system that ensures the performance of the finished motor meets the design requirements and customer needs; we are also equipped with a salt spray corrosion test box, high and low temperature alternating humidity heat test box, stator comprehensive tester, pneumatic measuring instrument, magnetic flux meter, pointer push-pull force meter, Rockwell hardness test etc. that measures and verifies all the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
    In order to ensure the normal use of test equipment and make the measurement data and test results accurate and reliable, we formulate a detailed verification and calibration plan based on the use environment and frequency of test equipment, and regularly send the test equipment to a third-party test institution for verification and calibration .

Our Testing Items
    In order to better meet customer needs and ensure the output of high-quality products, we conduct standard compliance tests, high-standard reliability tests and outsourced tests that meet national and international standards. Standard compliance tests include withstand voltage test, insulation test, function curve test, temperature rise test, professional noise test, road durability test, etc .; High-standard reliability tests include Hall signal detection, 200,000 times impact test, motor bench test to simulate bumpy road conditions, vehicle simulation under bumpy road conditions and brake shock conditions bench test,  performance test of stand-alone system or loaded vehicle, operating condition test of the system under the environmental conditions of -20 ℃ to 40 ℃, constant temperature and humidity test, system performance verification under overvoltage or undervoltage test, system performance verification under overload test, unidirectional endurance test, unidirectional torque test, gear accuracy test, etc .; Outsourcing tests include rated power, vibration test, impact test, EMC test, IP protection level, EN15194, RoHS, etc.

Our Certifications
    In August 2019, the company passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification of TUV. Quality management is implemented in full accordance with international standards, scientific and systematic management. At the same time, our products have passed EN15194, RoHS, CE certification and other international certifications, ensuring product compliance, safety and reliability. 

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