International sales manager

Customer Center

Report to:

Customer Center Director

Work place:
Europe / United States

Job Responsibilities

1. Fully grasp product information, profoundly understand core competitiveness and product advantages, understand competitors and industry development trends, and solid basic sales skills

2. Based on existing customer information, contact new customers in the region, establish customer relationships, and complete customer files

3. Through customer communications or visits, obtain front-line customer information, analyze customer status, determine subsequent cooperation relationships, and develop key target customers

4. Collect competitors' information and obtain real information as the key basis for sales decisions

5. Analyze customer status, understand customer needs, find customer value creation points, formulate customer plans, and promote strategic cooperation

6. Sample requirements establishments, sample status confirmation, advance sample delivery, follow-up testing to batch delivery

7. Customer relationship maintenance, maintenance of new customers, old customers, key customers, real-time interaction, grasp the latest developments of customers

8. Decompose and complete sales goals according to customer center strategy;

9. Formulation and signing of sales contracts, technical agreements and after-sales agreements, follow-up of accounts, and timely payment

10. Strengthen communication with customers, products, quality, R & D and other departments to update the latest information in both directions in real time

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, English can be used as work language

2. Science or engineering majors

3. Relevant work experience is preferred; overseas work experience is preferred

Interested parties please send your resume to: