Quality engineer

Quality Center

Report to:

Director of Quality Center

Work place:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Set the work tasks and goals of the department and its subordinates according to the company's overall business goals

2. Formulate reasonable training and capacity development plans to continuously improve the work skills and efficiency of employees under their jurisdiction

3. Establish and implement an effective warehouse management process system, and be responsible for the effectiveness of warehouse management (document management, location management, account matching, standardized operations, etc.)

4. Establish and implement an effective transportation management process system, responsible for transportation costs, efficiency and quality

5. Establish and implement effective packaging management process system, responsible for packaging cost, efficiency and quality

6. Lead the improvement work of the department and cooperate with the improvement activities of other related departments

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above

2. Science and Engineering majors

3. Ability to read and write English

Interested parties please send your resume to: wangmanman@ms-eds.com