Adapt to Different Bikes

According to the characteristics of different vehicles, by optimizing and integrating the motor, gear transmission, controller, torque sensor, battery, display, and smart app to achieve better performance.
The All New Cargo System

Emphasize stable and pragmatic. Considering the use scenario of this series of systems, the adjustment of sensors and motors is more targeted; and the system response is changed from the conventional route of speed + agility to a stable intervention and stable output. Ensure the stability and reliability of products during transportation. This Cargo component that we have created is believed to enable users to enjoy more ease and fun while gaining more practicality!

Cargo Bike
M080 System
Industry leading quality control system and manufacturing process. Suitable for small cargo models, ...
M090 System
The 80 N · m super high torque makes transporting goods or taking out your kids not a problem anymor...
X700 System
The internationally leading design concept, 100 N·m super high torque system makes loading and climb...