Adapt to Different Bikes

According to the characteristics of different vehicles, by optimizing and integrating the motor, gear transmission, controller, torque sensor, battery, display, and smart app to achieve better performance.
The Mountain Bike System

Undoubtedly brings together the most dynamic and surging component series of the Mivice system. With high torque, low noise, and high power output, its tuning style emphasizes both strength and agility. This allows friends who like mountain bikes to take advantage of the rugged and complicated mountain roads. The X700 series of the mountain bike system is the masterpiece of the Mivice mid-motor system which can absolutely make you hooked!

Mountain bike
M080 System
The high-power, high-torque rear hub system brings you a new experience of E-MTB. The large-capacity...
X700 System
The newly launched 100nm super high torque mid-motor is specially built for E-MTBs. From all dimensi...