Adapt to Different Bikes

According to the characteristics of different vehicles, by optimizing and integrating the motor, gear transmission, controller, torque sensor, battery, display, and smart app to achieve better performance.
In the City Bike System

Component design follows the concept of light weight and miniaturization, especially on the hub system. The small and light design combined with exclusive patented technology achieves ultra-low resistence. Even when the power is off, it can be as light as a regular bike, and extending the it's battery life. Undoubtedly, such components can meet the commuting and travel needs of most urban bike users.

City Bike
M060 System
Hub-type front motor, matchbox controller, bottom bracket torque sensor, built-in detachable battery...
M070 System
Hub-type rear motor, match box controller, bottom bracket torque sensor, built-in removable battery,...
X600 System
The newly launched mid-drive system is equipped with new platform power components; experimental det...