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    'Drive a green world and achieve a better life' is our mission, and is also the original intention of MIVICE to choose to engage in the design, development, and manufacturing of electric power assist systems. In the face of the global epidemic test and economic hardships, MIVICE decided on March 2, 2020 to replace the MIVICE original logo with a green symbol of spring and hope. May this green bring love and hope to the world, always remind us to respect health and life, practice the concept of green environmental protection, and cherish harmony and nature.

       The continuous warming of the global climate will change the temperature field of various regions and affect the operation of the atmosphere. The spatial and temporal distribution of evaporation and precipitation in various regions will also change; the melting of seawater, glaciers and the expansion of seawater caused by warming will also cause sea level rise. All of this will definitely have a huge impact on various ecosystems and cause many major impacts that are still unpredictable.

    The environmental pollution caused by the exhaust gas emitted by automobiles, the main pollutants are hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead compounds, benzopyrene, and solid particulates, which produce other greenhouse effects such as ozone and methane suppression. These greenhouse gases are highly permeable to short waves from solar radiation, and highly absorptive to long wave radiation reflected from the earth, leading to global warming.

    The power-assisted bicycle advocated by MIVICE is a green and environmentally friendly travel plan driven by both electricity and manpower. It does not produce exhaust emissions, and there is no noise and pollution. In the case of choosing to turn off power assist or when the power is low, it can still ride like a normal bicycle. This green travel method can reduce urban traffic pressure, and can bring users of all ages close to nature and enjoy the fun and experience of free riding!

    Here, we also sincerely thank everyone who, like us, has practiced the concept of green and environmentally friendliness in life and work. With your company and help, I believe that the mission and vision of 'driving a green world' will no longer be far away! When you read this article, join the team that loves nature and chooses green and healthy travel!

    MIVCE wants to be a company that is loved and supported by users around the world; bring positive impact and value to our customers, users, and society. With our new logo presentation, we promise to always be promoting a green world!

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