Introduction of EBikes
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    Ebikes are been loved by more and more people all over the world. It not only solves the problem of ordinary bicycle riding, makes long-distance travel easier, but also has health and environmental protection functions. An ebike refers to a bicycle equipped with a complete set of electric power-assisting systems including a motor, a controller, a sensor, a battery, and a display. The motor provides additional assistance only when the rider steps on it. There are several power assist gears with different power assist ratios to choose from, which can be selected according to the riding mode or the energy status of the rider. According to Chinese and European legal requirements, once the bicycle reaches 25 km/h, the system will no longer provide assistance. 

    Ebikes satisfy the excitement of most people during riding, while designing a reasonable boost ratio will make you have a wonderful riding experience with helps riders to complete longer journeys with ease and excitement. Ebikes can eliminating people's fear of lack of physical strength, allowing people to leave cars and homes, get close to nature, and exercise themselves without worrying too much about their own energy levels. 

Some thoughts on ebikes:

1. MIVICE thinks when the price of ebikes goes down, a lot of people will be willing to buy them. The current markets around the world are mainly the European market, the Japanese market and the US market. The Southeast Asian market, the Russian market and the South American market are growing rapidly. 

2. Ebike is a travel tool between a bicycle and a traditional electric vehicle, it is more technological that combines the advantages of bicycles and electric vehicles, and integrates exercise, and travel. In riding, you can choose different power assistant level according to the individual's physical condition and physical strength.

3. Ebikes are generally regarded as bicycles around the world, and they can ride on bicycle lanes without insurance or driver's license.

4. Ebikes do not need to pay road tax.

5. Ebikes are convenient to charge, fast to charge, and has a long battery life. Ebikes generally use a universal interface and can be quickly charged at home. And because it is a boost during the ride, the battery life will be more than three times that of the electric scooter.

6. The overall waterproofing level is tested and certified, so you can ride with confidence on rainy days.

7. Ebikes are not difficult to ride, basically the same as ordinary bicycles—except with less effort.

8. With the popularization of technology, the price of ebikes will become more and more affordable.

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