Types of Ebikes
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    Ebikes are a new type of two-wheeled vehicle that uses a battery as an auxiliary power source, is equipped with a motor, and has a power assist system. It can realize the integration of human riding and motor-assisted driving. .

    In the field of power-assisted bicycles, the installation position of the motor is mainly divided into two types. One is the mid-drive motor, where the motor is installed in the bottom bracket of the bike. The mid-drive motor is connected to the frame and the rear wheels through a chain to transmit power. At the same time, foot pedals are installed on both sides of the motor. 

    The other type of motor that is installed in the hub of the bicycle are called the hub motors. There are two types of hub motors. One is the front motor, which is the motor installed on the front wheel of the bicycle. The advantage of the front motor is that the motor installed on the front wheel will not affect the speed change system, and the maintenance is more convenient. The other is the rear motor, which is installed at the rear wheel of the motor. The advantage of the rear motor is that the direction control is better when riding. It is not easy to slip when going uphill.

    In addition to classification by motor installation location, electric power-assisted bicycles can also be divided into two types according to the type of sensors, the speed type or the torque type. The speed type is when the sensor detects the speed signal, controls the motor output power by detecting the speed. The advantage is that the price is cheaper, but the disadvantage is the riding feeling, especially when going uphill, the system cannot accurately control the motor to output the appropriate power through a single speed signal. The torque type means that the sensor detects the torque signal, which is fed back to the controller by detecting the force applied to the pedal by the person during the riding process. Compared with the speed type, the motor can be more intelligently controlled to do work. Therefore, the riding feeling of the torque type is much better than the speed type, and it is more energy-saving than the speed type. The cruising range of the torque sensor using the same battery capacity is nearly 30% more than that of the speed sensor.

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