The Mission of MIVICE: Drive the Green World and Achieve a Better Life
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 The Mission of MIVICE People

Corporate mission refers to the role and responsibility of enterprises in social progress and socio-economic development. Jim Collins emphasized in his that corporate mission is the purpose and reason for the existence of an enterprise, and a strong organization must be self-driven by mission.

Every successful enterprise has a clear and extraordinary mission. It is the basic guiding ideology, principle and management philosophy of enterprise management.

Mission of world-class enterprises:

Bosch——Science and technology make a better life

GE——Improving the quality of life through technology and innovation

Huawei——Building an intelligent world with interconnected everything

Alibaba——Let the world have no difficult business

The Mission of MIVICE

The mission of MIVICE is to 'drive the green world and achieve a better life'; Adhering to this mission, Mivice hope to create and lead a healthier, greener, safer and more scientific life concept. Through continuous efforts and exploration, we will become a value leader and exporter like Bosch, provide high-quality products and services for hundreds of millions of users around the world, and lead a better lifestyle.

Green Wave Sweeping the World

At present, a magnificent wave of carbon reduction and energy conservation revolution is sweeping the world. Major countries in the world have put forward carbon reduction schedules, like China proposes to achieve the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and the goal of carbon neutralization by 2060, which requires the economies of all countries to undergo all-round changes from industry to industrial chain, and requires enterprises to get rid of the resource dependence concept and development model in the period of industrialization and move towards the sustainable development path of technology dependence. Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, Unilever and other enterprise giants from different industries have formed alliances to help global enterprises achieve the goal of 'zero carbon emission'.

Creating and leading a greener, healthier and more scientific lifestyle is the original intention of Mivice people and the mission entrusted to Mivice by the times in the historical transition of global development from industrial society to ecological society.

Through the self-developed systematic solutions such as motors, sensors and controllers, Mivice will improve energy efficiency, increase the use proportion of new clean energy (electric energy) and offset carbon dioxide emissions for the society, make a due contribution to the tide of low-carbon transformation, help global enterprises achieve the goal of zero carbon emission and create greater social value.

Science and Technology Make a Safer and More Comfortable Life

Pedelec bicycle products that comply with various safety system certifications such as EN, JIS and UL have set off a new trend of travel modes in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. This kind of e-bike can sense the rider's trampling intention through sensors and intelligently provide safe and reliable power output. It has become a new choice for millions of users to travel safely and reliably.

Because of many factors such as usage habits, price and market acceptance, this kind of products are far from being accepted by the majority of user groups. Especially in the Chinese market where pure electric motorcycle are popular.

Statistics show that in China, on average, one electric motorcycle rider dies in road traffic accidents every hour, and five electric motorcycle riders are injured in road traffic accidents. Traditional electric motorcycle and scooters that exceed the regulations and exceed the speed limit have become prominent problems in road traffic safety. Mivice hopes to promote e-bike, a safer, more comfortable product with exercise attributes, to the Chinese market, so as to effectively reduce the death and injury rate of social traffic accidents and solve the current traffic congestion and safety problems.

Keep the Mission in Mind and Focus on Products and Services

In today's industry giants and fierce competition, the road Mivice choose is undoubtedly a lonely, tortuous, long way. At present, several core components of Mivice have reached the industry-leading level and have been affirmed and recognized by many users in China and overseas.

In the face of recognition, doubts and challenges, Mivice people insist to their mission more than ever - always focus on customers, focus on core technology R & D and system solutions; and focus on empowering customers and bicycle manufacturers, provide systematic solution technical support and services, and bring integrated convenience to customers; Continue to specialize and deepen in technology, refine and strengthen products. Take the first- class brands in the industry as the role model, constantly learn from world-class enterprises and focus on the technologies and fields that Mivice are good at.

2021, Do Not Forget Your Original Goal and Move on

Starting from 2021, Mivice will insist the mission of 'driving the green world and achieve a better life'; We will continue to devote ourselves to technological innovation, based on product quality, and wholeheartedly provide safe and reliable products and sincere services for users all over the world. 2021, we invite you to go with Mivice.

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