Powerful Performance-- MIVICE Mid Motor Introduction
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Original from Japan, E-bikes developed and expand in Europe. At present, the international E-bike market is developing rapidly, especially in developed countries. The market is growing rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30% and has become a hot star product.

COVID-19 has once again accelerated the surge in demand for e-bikes in overseas markets, and e-bike sales have broken new heights. According to the prediction of the European Bicycle Industry Association, the sales of e-bikes in Europe will reach 11 million by 2025.

As early as five years ago, Bosch of Germany predicted that 'by 2022, one of every three bicycles sold in Europe will be e-bikes', and most of the best-selling medium and high-end models in Europe and America are designed with mid motors.

Mid motor integrates motor, gearbox, controller, sensor and others, with the advantage of integrated system design; In addition, its installation position will not affect the front and rear weight balance of the whole bike, so it has inherent advantage in handling; Due to the larger design space and better heat dissipation capacity, the torque output of the whole machine has more prominent advantages than that of the hub motor; The power of the mid motor directly acts on the chainwheel, which is closer to the power output characteristics of conventional bicycles. It is the mainstream solution of medium and high-end sports e-bikes.

The highly integrated mid motor has a high technical barrier. International giants such as Shimano, Bosch and Yamaha all take mid motor as their core products for R & D and manufacture. The medium and high-end market has also been occupied by these overseas enterprises for a long time.

With the rapid development and continuous hot sell of the e-bikes and the increasingly fierce market competition, it can be predicted that more e-bike manufacturers will take the high value-added mid motor as the first choice for pedelec drive system in the future, and its market share will be higher and higher.

At the end of 2020, MIVICE also successfully launched the mid motor with independent core technology - X600 mid motor and X700 mid motor.

Powerful Performance-- MIVICE Mid Motor Introduction

X600 Mid Motor

The rated parameter is 36V / 250W; Built in high reliability torque + cadence sensor; Equipped with automotive level software and hardware platform-- FOC control components.

Based on visual debugging platform; Relying on a large number of complex road condition testing data, the calibration status of high efficiency, low noise, low shaking and low time delay is achieved; and the powerful driving performance, stability, efficiency and smooth riding is realized.

The product weight is 3.3Kg, and the peak output power can exceed 600W and the maximum torque can exceed 80Nm; The highest efficiency exceeds 80%; Protection grade is IP66.

This mid motor can be widely used in city and trekking e-bikes.

Powerful Performance-- MIVICE Mid Motor Introduction

X700 Mid Motor

On the same platform as X600, the rated parameters of X700 motor are 36V / 250W; Based on visual debugging platform; Relying on a large number of complex road condition testing data, the system calibration is powerful, efficient and stable, smooth engaging and easy control. The weight of the product is about 3.3Kg, which can achieve peak output power of more than 800W and maximum torque of more than 100Nm; The highest efficiency is 80%; Protection grade is IP66.

This mid motor is widely applicable to mountain, trekking and cargo e-bikes.


With the same rated power, the X700 mid motor developed by Mivice is more powerful compared with the flagship mid motors of Bosch (75Nm), Yamaha (80nm) and Panasonic (90nm).

Stable and Reliable

In order to achieve stable and reliable products performance, the internal gear of Mivice mid motor is strictly selected to ensure high quality and high wear resistance; Three-stage gear reduction, more stable transmission of the whole machine; In terms of external installation and fixation, it adopts three hole position + thread fixation, and the overall triangular design is more stable and reliable; The deeply optimized software and hardware platform ensures the high reliability and stability of the system.

Quick Calibration

With years of R & D accumulation of motor, controller and sensor products, Mivice now has a high degree of compatibility and adaptability among components. While ensuring efficiency, the whole machine has fast response, powerful performance, fine calibration and linear output, so as to achieve a comfortable riding experience of 'people and bicycles in one'.

Mivice will continue to provide customers with industry-leading systematic solutions to help customers firmly grasp business opportunities and create unlimited possibilities in the foreseeable future!

Powerful Performance-- MIVICE Mid Motor Introduction

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