First Show of dob in EICMA 2021 (Milan)
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dob is a new Italian e-bike brand. The company is called Double Bike.

dob was selected by ITA - Italian Trade Agency - to exhibit at Milan EICMA 2021 exhibition.

   dob maintains the tradition, functionality and style of classic Italian frames. The battery is so small that you can always keep it with you.


dob is as standard as electric: it is a 'double bike” for daily urban commuting.


“Riding a dob with or without batteries is always a perfect experience!” says Francesco Risari 'There is such tradition in the frames and all the components done by our grandfathers that I want to preserve them. Bikes are for everyone: they are easy to use and easy to maintain. They are very functional. The geometries of the frames are the result of a hundred years of use: they are almost perfect.  ebike, in my vision, must be first 'standard bikes' and only then ebike.'


The battery is easy to plug in and out. No need to have a box. Recharging at your desk is cool and smart.


There are two different versions: one is with the rear motor and the other is with the front motor.

First Show of dob in EICMA 2021 (Milan)

Rear Hub Motor Ebike

First Show of dob in EICMA 2021 (Milan)

Front Hub Motor Ebike

dob is powered with a sophisticated, small and smooth Mivice 250 Watt motor system. The battery is the smallest in the eBike landscape. 36 V for only 600 grams of weight: it really is a pocket battery. 

The battery in style, dimensions and colors is the element that most characterizes the dob.

The system for applying the battery to the frame is particularly effective. It is a magneto-mechanical attack with the addition of connectors for the power supply. The battery attaches with a 'clack' and takes off with a twist.

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