We provide 7×24 hours technical support calls. If experience serious technical problem, our technical staff will propose solutions within 24 hours after receiving the notification from customers and repair within 72 hours.

Why does MIVICE recommend a systematic solution?

MIVICE is a professional system solution provider that features a full set of products, technical support and services. From motors, controllers, sensors, batteries to displays, plus a smart APP system solutions, better component adaptation and compatibility can be achieved; function, cost performance and efficiency are maximized; at the same time, customers are prevented from using different manufacturers products, and have to concern the adaptation between different products and technology platforms, moreover, it is difficult to locate the cause and track responsibility between the suppliers, which can delay the after-sales service and bring negativities to the brand. MIVICE's full set of products and full service, from the provision of each product of the system, to the adaptation of the entire system to the adjustment, and to the unified after-sales service, make bike companies more convenient.

What are the differences between MIVICE's products to others in the market?

From the conceptual design of the product, realization of research and development, industrial manufacturing and to the product after-sales service, MIVICE always implements the concept based on international standards. From the choice of raw materials, the customer-oriented technology is our fundamentals to product concepts; to the advanced equipment of the production line are all important guarantees for the creation of MIVICE's top products. This also makes our products reflect the unremitting pursuit of the ultimate from the appearance to performance.

Why does MIVICE only provide torque sensor solutions?

MIVICE chooses to provide only a torque sensor system for two reasons:
Reason 1: The power assist system with the torque sensor reflects a closer state of people riding bicycles; the combined strategy of torque + cadence can better realize the subjective will of people riding feeling; these advantages are reflected in the process of starting, accelerating and climbing, it gives an obvious advantage of a more natural and free riding experience.

Reason 2: Compared with the speed sensor or the traditional electric scooters with a throttle, the torque sensor power system is more safe and reliable.

What kind of bikes can the MIVICE system fit?

MIVICE's M060, M070, X600 systems can be perfectly applied to any city bikes, foldable bikes or road bikes; M080, X700 system can fit to mountain bikes, Cargo bikess; M090 system can go with fat tire beach and snow bikes and Cargo bikes.

Why does MIVICE's system have long endurance?

The torque scheme used by MIVICE in the research and development stage is more intelligent than the common speed sensor scheme. Test report shows that the MIVICE system can travel 30% more than competitors. This is due to MIVICE's unique one-way clutch patent plus a unique patented torque sensor perfectly allow the assistant to be played when it should be played and weakened when it is weakened.

Where are the after-sales service locations?

MIVICE has three major domestic bases (Ningbo, Shenzhen and Wuhan), and internationally, MIVICE has after-sales service locations in the US, Germany and Japan.