eBike System

Our industry-leading systematic solution realizes an unified technical platform for components in the system; ensures compatibility and adaptability between components; providing professional, deep and efficient adjustments.

News from the Mivice

First Show of dob in EICMA 2021 (Milan)
Dec. 22,2021
dob is a new Italian e-bike brand. The company is called Double Bike.dob was selected by ITA - Itali...
Long Range Riding and Powerful Performance-- Mivice M080 Pedelec Drive System Review
Sept. 16,2021
If the bicycle must be equipped with a pedelec system, there is no doubt that mountain bikes and com...
Powerful Performance-- MIVICE Mid Motor Introduction
Sept. 16,2021
Original from Japan, E-bikes developed and expand in Europe. At present, the international E-bike ma...

Adapt to Different Bikes

According to the characteristics of different vehicles, by optimizing and integrating the motor, gear transmission, controller, torque sensor, battery, display, and smart app to achieve better performance.

We provide technical support calls. If experience serious technical problem, our technical staff will propose solutions within 24 hours after receiving the notification from customers and repair within 72 hours.

Focus on electric power system design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and supporting services business.